Saturday, December 5, 2009

Imp the Diva (Part 1)

I threw a tantrum last week, and I think my mom is still pretty miffed about that. I don't get it, I was just acting the part. Isn't throwing tantrums what "superstars" are supposed to be doing?

{Imp on time out.}
{Hey, where'd everybody go?}

So this is what happened:

I was included in a hush-hush photoshoot for an upcoming concept store to be launched on December 11. It was a cool project.

My mom gave me a thorough cleaning the day before, so I knew it was gonna be big. I was excited. And the moment we got in the cab to go to the photographer's studio, my mom said something about bringing a dog (me!) and a catty cousin (I could hear and smell her, but I couldn't really see her), and paying double the price of cab fare.

The driver gets to take ME around town. HE should be the one paying TRIPLE! Anyway, off we go to San Lorenzo Village in Makati. We were stopped at the gate by the security guard.
He asked, 'Ma'am, ano pong gagawin niyo dun?' (Ma'am, what will you be doing there?)

'Photo shoot', my mom replied.

'Talaga po?' (Really?)

'Oo, yung aso ko!' (Yes, my dog!)

Yep, yep. That would be lil' old superstar me!

So, really, can you blame me for throwing a fit, when upon reaching the studio, I see the limelight being shared by other dogs??? Not one, not two, but three other dogs? Not to mention two annoying cats too? Huwaaaat??!!

It's not as if I actually bit anyone... But EXILED??! Hmph.

{It's no fun being on the outside looking in.}

{Are YOU looking at ME?}

{What's happening in there???}

(To be continued...)

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