Sunday, December 13, 2009

PAWS and My GROW UP! Christmas Wish

My mom visited PARC (PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center) yesterday. It was such an eye-opener. I admit, I have a lot of growing up to do, because sometimes I can be really childish and bratty, but I do know that I'm lucky to have my humans in my life. I feel so blessed that I have a happy home and wonderful family, unlike the animals at the shelter, who have been victims of cruelty, neglect, and abuse.
It's a good thing that the efforts of PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society) volunteers have greatly helped a lot in rescuing those poor animals. They provide food, shelter, and so much love to the abused cats and dogs. Hopefully, they can help them find good, permanent homes too.
So, for my GROW UP! Christmas wish, I hope that more animals at the shelter get adopted soon. I wish they can be able to feel the joy and warmth of spending Christmas with a loving family too!
{Shawn, aptly named, was found at an anorexic state and covered in grease inside a tunnel on Shaw Boulevard.}
{Look how healthy he looks now, thanks to PAWS and his new mommy.}

{Mommy went to the PAWS Christmas Party, and all she got me was this pin...}
{The cat pin and cookie was for cat-lover Tita Gabby.}
{Oh, proceeds from the pins go to PAWS. For only P50 a pop, it's nice to know that you get to help my canine and feline friends on Christmas.}
If you want to help, check out their website:
Speaking of Christmas wishes, I haven't gotten my mommy anything for Christmas yet. I think I heard her say she wants a colored Moleskine to write on or something. I guess I can do that. Aren't moles like badgers? And isn't dachshund German for 'badger dog' anyway? ;) Now, if I can only manage to catch one for mommy...

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