Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is It A Dog or A Cat?

My mom's been spending a lot of time in Pet Express lately. I hope she's shopping for my Christmas gifts (yes, plural!). And since she's always there, she's bound to meet more of the canine kind.
I've never met a Shih Tzu. My mom used to own 3 shih tzu pups way before she got me. I heard they're adorable, but really high maintenance. And since grooming salons weren't as popular and accessible at that time, her shih tzus looked like walking floor rags. That's basically one of her decisions to get me, a short-haired dachshund. Sure, I shed like crazy. But, look Ma, no tangles!
Still, some like getting all glammed and gussied up. So, off to the salon they go. Mom took pictures of Pet Express Grooming Salon patrons (with their parents' permission, of course) to show me what I'm missing. Can you imagine me with a lion's mane hairdo??? ;)
{Mimi looking chic in a Lion's Mane cut... haha}
{FYI, the groomer isn't finished yet!}
{Shadow is spotted shopping at Pet Express Boutique.}
{Shadow: Ooh, so many thing to put on my Christmas list!}
Pet Express grooming services and rates here.
Pet Express
(A Dog & Cat Boutique. A Super-duper-market. A Grooming Salon)
Located in SM Cubao
Telephone No: 912-5924

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